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Welcome 2018:
the ABC style guide
for a Gentleman’s
New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve is coming and it’s like a new beginning: another 12 months of experiences, of new encounters, of challenges. An exhilarating promise, making it easier to choose carefully the events, the locations, the company and above all the look for a night to remember. Difficult? Absolutely not, you just need keep these fundamental elements in mind: here is your ABC style guide for the perfect Gentleman’s New Year’s Eve!

ACCESSORIES. The details make the outfit, just as the little everyday joys make the basis of a wonderful year. Wear cufflinks, belts and scarves inspired by the 2018 that you would like to have.

BOW TIES. For New Year’s Eve you have to be a little daring! We, for example, love the patterns that evoke driving icons: classical character and passion, all in one!

COLORS. In the night that acts as a watershed between past and future, choose the precious and intriguing shades of the evening.

DOCUMENT CASE. Keys, accessories, smartphone… Keep them together in a refined case and your pockets will always be impeccable and your hands free for handshaking.

ELEGANCE. If you have chosen the right party, you will meet this in all its forms: the ideal company for welcoming in the New Year.

FABRIC. The season leaves ample room for heavier fabrics with that timeless appeal: tweed, velvets, quality wools like alpaca and Shetland...

GLOVES. Speaking of driving gloves, of course. The long versions embellished with latticework are the must of the season.

HAT. From New Year’s Eve in Times Square to the Nochevieja in Madrid, if you love waiting for those 12 chimes at midnight under the stars, do it wearing a hat. From the sophisticated top hat to the bowler hat, from the Fedora to the Trilby: for every temperament, there’s a style.

ICONIC STYLE. It would seem that our style can speak for us. What do you want yours to say about you?

JACKET. A blazer with classic lines, but that plays with details, fabrics and colours. Leave your everyday suits at home, on New Year’s Eve the order of the day is: “Dress to impress”.

LUGGAGE. If you’re celebrating New Year’s Eve away from home, don’t you dare leave home without a travel kit in distinctive style: if styled and created with a functional design and made with the finest quality materials, it makes all the difference between moving and travelling.

MANNERS. Courtesy, cordiality, taste, decorum: the years may go by but these will never go out of style.

NETWORKING. What better occasion than New Year’s Eve for the inauguration of new and interesting friendships?

OUTFIT. As we love to say here at The Outlierman: “Be classy. Be Authentic. Be free.

POCKET SQUARES. An essential element of Gentleman style: play with colours and patterns but not with quality. Have you ever heard of hand-rolled edges?

QUALITY. Materials, design, manufacturing... If we’re talking of quality, the only one allowed is “excellent”.

RED. According to Italian tradition, wearing something red on New Year’s Eve will bring you luck the whole year. With so many elegant red accessories to choose from, why not try?

SCARVES. Foulard and scarves have that touch of class both with a coat or with any light outdoor wear. Either way, it simply depends on which hemisphere you have chosen for your New Year’s Eve party ;)

TIES. Like the bow tie and pocket square, the tie can add that touch of personality to any dress-code from elegant to casual. One piece of advice: free your driving passion!

UNIQUENESS. What else?

VEHICLE. A connoisseur even carefully chooses the car he will drive to the event in. If it is a vintage car, wonderful; if it is co-ordinated with the colours of the outfit, better still.


X & Y BACK. Braces have been synonymous with sophistication since the times of the French Revolution... Need I say more?

ZEST FOR LIFE. Live it up!

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