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John Cooper Works Capsule Collection:
MINI style, outlier DNA

Gentlemen, we are proud to present to you the Capsule Collection MINI John Cooper Works, an exclusive collection of driving gloves designed and created in close collaboration with one of our greatest ever motoring idols: MINI John Cooper Works.

Indeed, sometimes dreams really do come true and this one, in particular, has its roots in a legend: John Cooper, the visionary driver and engineer who transformed the emblematic car of the Creative Class into a champion in the world of racing. It was 1964 when the Mini Cooper S #37 modified by Cooper won the 33rd edition of the 1964 Monte Carlo Rally against every prediction, becoming an authentic myth.

“It’ll never work”, everyone said. And instead it turned out to be glory: a gash in the rule, a new chapter in the pages of motoring history. John Cooper, authentic outlier and motor enthusiast to his very core, is the inspirational figure who has brought us together with MINI John Cooper Works in this incredible experience.

The Outlierman Capsule Collection X MINI John Cooper Works is an ambitious and stimulating global project, which has taken a long time to convert the style heritage and the indomitable character of these formidable cars into gloves capable of raising the driving experience to the highest levels.

The three models reveal many other aspects of the MINI John Cooper Works attitude with distinctive colours and details. The Bespoke, in Rebel Green and red, is elegant and sophisticated, made in excellent quality peccary leather and decorated with a latticework of lambskin entirely hand-woven.

Black and red are the colours of The Rebel, inspired by the design details of the MINI John Cooper Works. Here too, the careful choice of raw materials and craftsmanship techniques make the difference: the soft lambskin is finely perforated for perfect breathability and grip on the wheel.

And finally, for The Authentic Race, we have travelled back in time, to the golden years of the vintage race: the authentic driving glove is coloured bright red with hand-sewn stitching in a contrasting colour reminiscent of the details on the steering wheel and seats of the MINI John Cooper Works.

It will be clear to you by now, we have worked hard to encapsulate the winning and compelling history of the MINI John Cooper Works in a collection of driving gloves that aspires to be the inspiration and the symbol of belonging to an exclusive Club, whose motto is: “Dare to be different”.
So what do you say? Did we manage it?

Photo credits: SSSZ Photography & André Fister (

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