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The “Bespoke" way of life: choose the color of your gloves

What's the color of your style? No psychological test, don’t worry, but simply a new opportunity of self-expression, in authentic outlier style: one year after its release, the Bespoke glove collection carries on its vocation for uniqueness and discovers the pleasure of color customization.

The exclusive line of driving gloves handmade by skilled italian craftsmen using nappa lambskin and precious peccary leather – currently available in dark red/navy blue, dark green/conker, cork/tan, dark red/crimson and beige/cobalt – can now be further customized through a combination of colors chosen according to your personal taste among the available alternatives for the two types of leather.

The Bespoke gloves are characterized by exceptional softness and comfort, and by a distinctive woven structure entirely handmade by passing thin strips of leather into small holes on the back of the glove to create a refined lattice.

You just need to write to to receive all the information and the stylistic advice you need to create your Bespoke gloves with custom colors... for a unique style that matches your personality and fits like a glove”!

The Bespoke driving gloves are handmade upon request in unique pieces in 20 working days.

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