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Pocket squares: details that have always (hand)made the difference

Let's talk about 100% Made in Italy pocket squares, shall we? For example, you may think that the quality of materials and the silk-screening process are the only elements considered when evaluating the quality of a pocket square – which is partly true – but more and more often the finishings are what really make the difference.

When pocket squares are entirely made by hand many details are taken for granted, but not all of them hold the importance that has always been considered a true sign of high quality by experts: hand-rolled edges.

This detail is one of the most precious aspects that can transform a pocket square of high quality into something really unique. That is why each of The Outlierman pocket squares are finished by hand. After watching our craftsmen roll up each and every edge with such delicacy and precision, it has made it very clear of the incredible talent that lies behind every accessory, a true work of art.

How can you distinguish between an hand-rolled edge pocket square and a machine-sewed one? You just need to take a look at the stitches. In the case of using a sewing machine you will notice a greater number of and more visible stitches compared to creating it by hand. The winning element for a refined finishing is instead a very narrow-rolled edge which is sewed with a series of stitches barely visible on both sides.

These are the details that make the difference, and a true Gentleman does not overlook them when choosing his own style accessories!

Dressing with style is a passion that requires attention in the smallest of details, especially when you enter the world of craftsmanship, which we at The Outlierman can safely say we know a lot about! In fact, traveling around Italy in search of the best craftsmen and finest materials to create The Outlierman products with, has given us a chance to see first hand an old tradition where no detail is left up to chance.  

Photo credits:
 Federico Bajetti for The Outlierman © 2017
 Sajin Park for The Outlierman © 2019

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