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The Stylish Globetrotter: moving around in style and travelling like a Gentleman

They say that every bag encloses a world: those of a Gentleman transform the different nuances of living with good taste and sophistication into as many style expressions. This is the idea behind The Stylish Globetrotter, the travel collection that explores all the scenarios and needs of modern travelling, translating them into unique, practical and elegant bags and cases.

Each model, format, functional or design solution is never random, yet they transform the inspirations related to a specific travel or appointment - on the road or in the city, formal or informal, business or pleasure - into an accessory designed and produced to combine aesthetics, practicality and comfort. That’s right, comfort: because being at ease with your style is the first rule to always look the best.

In each bag there’s a small world, we said. The Backpack encloses the urge to say yes to adventures at any time. It’s the perfect accessory for last minute experiences, those for which you only need a cue, an invitation or a challenge to get you in the car.

The Weekender Garment Bag is dedicated to those who won’t give up on wearing a suit, wherever they are. It's spacious and well-organized: thanks to the inner garment case, made of 100% silk, and the many pockets, it can keep several outfits in just a little space.

The Travel Trolley Bag is the most trusted friend of business travellers who are always on the move and want to travel with little effort and high efficiency. A precise set of interior and exterior pockets and compartments expand the capacity of this extremely versatile and dynamic wheeled bag.

The Duffle Bag is compact and practical, inspired by the fast-changing scenery of modern urban life. When business meetings, events and personal interests force us to run from one side of the city to the other, the Duffle Bag accompanies you with everything you may need in a full 24-hour day, never giving up on style.

Finally, there are the compact sizes: the Travel Tie Case, the Travel Case and the Document Case: designed to keep small precious objects and accessories. Elegant and sophisticated, inspired by a “Gentleman philosophy” based on the selection and care of every detail, they are distinctive style expressions themselves to be carried inside your suitcase or always with you.

All of the products from The Stylish Globetrotter travel collection are designed by The Outlierman team of designers and handmade by expert Italian craftsmen. Therefore, they are unique in every detail.

Each of them is enriched by a 100% Fuji silk inner lining featuring the exclusive The Outlierman designs which evoke the charm of classic cars, while the interiors and exteriors of legendary sports cars inspire the color combinations of fine leather on the outside.

Spacious and well-organized bags to spend several days away from home; careful and exclusive designs for daily travels: expressions of an authentic and sophisticated style, with an ever-recognizable touch of that driving passion which is part of the unmistakable heritage of The Outlierman.

Photos: Federico Bajetti for The Outlierman © 2017

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