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Soft cashmere and light silk: the Lancia Aurelia portrayed on a scarf

Wide and emcompassing (140x140 cm), an unexpected combination of fine fabrics and the unmistakable Lancia Aurelia in the forefront, immortalized in all of its iconic beauty by The Outlierman designers. The Portrait collection extends to accommodate, and present, a new addition to its elegant and evocative stylistic design: the new cashmere and silk square scarf.

Similar to the bow ties, silk scarves and pocket squares, The Portrait Square Scarf features another icon in the motoring world, as if it were a precious painting, depicting it with bright color strokes and an en plain air" style that evokes all the classic glamor and thrill of driving this four-wheel champion that has undeniably marked the history books of motor racing both on the track and on the road.

At its inception in 1949, the Aurelia was the most advanced production car of its kind with its sleek and rounded lines and distinctive fastback design embedded with a modern aesthetic. The Aurelia B20 GT, released in 1951, is often called “the first true Gran Turismo”: the forefather of a prestigious line of timeless models including the Aurelia B24 Convertible, which we chose to portray in our The Portrait collection, set on an elegant villa in the Italian countryside.

A 6V engine developed in the Lancia workshops and the unmistakable Pininfarina touch for design. With such an Italian “dream team” as creators, the Lancia Aurelia could only become one of the monumental stars of the Lancia family! Developed in six series, producing just over 18,000 models in eight years, Lancia Aurelia has also earned high-level sporting achievements. Winning prestigious competitions such as Mille Miglia, Le Mans, Targa Florio and even the Monte Carlo Rally, where it won first place with the B20 GT 2.500 led by Louis Chiron and Ciro Basadonna.

Now this absolute motoring legend is ready to conquer new roads around the neck and shoulders of other driving enthusiasts alike. Its almost overwhelming and timeless charm woven with precious and delicate cashmere and silk threads creates a lightweight and encompassing accessory that caresses the skin with a rare and gentle touch.

The softness of the premium cashmere is enhanced by the silk impalpability, ensuring its unique ability to absorb moisture from the air while still remaining dry, soft and breathable, making it particularly pleasant on the skin in any season. The perfect accompany for any Gentleman or Lady during any cabriolet get away.

Franco Martinengo, director of Pininfarina Style Center from '52 to '72, once said: "When you see an Aurelia B24 you can’t just look at it, you would want to touch it".
Well, now you can even wear it!

Photo credits: Federico Bajetti for The Outlierman © 2017

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