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Introducing The Potrait silk scarves: (car)tistic paintings for classic style lovers

Porsche 356, Jaguar E-Type, Lancia Aurelia and Aston Martin DB5. Four masterpieces of the finest automotive art that played as an inspiration and a muse for the new collection of silk scarves made in pure habotai silk that The Outlierman have dedicated to all men and women who show their passion for the four wheels by wearing stylish accessories handmade in Italy that exemplify a natural and timeless class.

Our new silk scarves expand The Potrait collection giving more space to the exclusive designs already present on the pocket squares and bow ties, where the four iconic cars have been framed by The Outlierman designers as the stars of a collection of precious pieces of art.

One swift look at The Portrait silk scarves and your mind immediately wanders to those scenic day trips weekend getaways: top and windows down, wind in your hair and the finest silk at your neck or holding your hair

However, it is also easy to imagine them as framed paintings, hung on a wall to enrich the atmosphere of a room with pure driving passion! After all, these silk scarves were designed to express themselves both when worn – thanks to the mixture of colors intertwining harmoniously – and while lying down, where they can better show off their designs.

To further enhance the quality of The Portrait collection, the fabric is made of 100% silk habotai. The tradition of habotai silk (habutae in ancient Japanese, meaning "two layers of feathers") has made it through the millennia thanks to the light weight, surface regularity, softness and natural shine. This fine thread has the unique ability to absorb moisture from the air while still remaining dry, soft and breathable, making it particularly pleasant on the skin in any season.

The habotai silk is considered among the highest quality specifically for its smooth and nearly pure white thread, used for centuries as a basis for the traditional kimonos for its ability to absorb and show color with equal vivacity on both sides of the fabric. For this reason, we have chosen Habotai silk to enhance the design of our silk scarves, a collection of stylish details that summarize and symbolize the great passions that have always accompanied us: cars and elegance.

Real "sportraits" dedicated to all the Ladies and Gentlemen behind a steering wheel, given and acepted to making every moment count and making every moment more precious.


  • Kapri

    fbonoui il y a du Pierre Carles chez ce paysan qu’est Depardon (voir son boulot sur “la ferme” des Garets), cette même souche d’âpreté et d&#em17;isole28nt qui a tendance à se gommer chez nous mais que moi j’ai perçu tout de suite au Québec

  • Massimo

    Farete altre auto tipo la duetto alfa romeo?

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