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Classic Driver: 1959 Porsche 356 Speedster

Good things happen to those who wait: using time wisely always leads to great achievements. A slowly built artifact consists of further dedication to details: nothing is left to chance. Take this 1959 Porsche Speedster, carefully restored now stands as a rolling testament to what can be achieved if you wait patiently enough.

Porsche is a brand that perhaps represents best the joy of driving. Old 356's are often regarded as excellent historic cars to own, for their relatively inexpensive maintenance costs and a very rewarding driving experience. It should come as no surprise that you may find people who have dedicated their entire lives to restoring, racing and maintaining Stuttgart finest sports automobiles in great operational form.

This '59 Speedster is a highly modified example with a complete aluminum bodywork and bespoke details. Purchased more than a decade ago by Alonso Corato – a Porsche enthusiast and expert panel beater of Vicenza, owner of a renown restoration shop – the car rose from rusty wreck to new life. With the new metal expertly shaped on original Porsche wooden masks, the "Corato Speedster" is back on the road again.

Just like in any proper workshop, work on this car had to be put second to working on cars of the customers. Perhaps the most difficult aspect of the entire restoration process was to find time to finish the car, but the results were well worth the wait and nothing short of stunning.
During the restoration, the car body was upgraded to a 1960s racing body with no bumpers, a more minimalistic look and a Sebring-style single pipe exhaust. It's properly loud and a magnificent sight to witness. The numbers on the doors are not stickers: it comes as a surprise to many that are actually painted on and cannot be removed.

Not a show queen by any means, this little Porsche is almost daily driven by Alonso's daughter, Rosita, a true Porsche enthusiast, passionate about her dad's work. Her Family-owned Porsche has the scars that tell the story of the miles that were put on over the years.

Drinking and driving should never be paired, but since we're honoring time and excellence, the best location to enjoy Corato's Speedster, other than the workshop, would be the Berlucchi winery in Franciacorta. Like the restoration of a fine classic car, wine takes both time and knowledge: a process they both have in common.

Sparkling wine is aged for years, matured in bottles and completely handmade: no machine will ever have the warmth of the human soul. If you have the patience, chances are your wines, like your cars, will certainly be better and more satisfying to enjoy.

Jacopo Villa, contributor
Photo credits: Federico Bajetti for The Outlierman © 2016



    Bello l’articolo, bellissima la macchina !!!

  • Maurizio

    Grazie! Bellissimo articolo, location al top e macchina superlativa!

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