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Fine leather and rare manufacturing: introducing the Bespoke limited edition gloves

Refined design, exclusive craftsmanship, premium leather and a classic glamor suitable for any occasion, even when your car engine is off. We would like to introduce to you the Bespoke, the new limited edition collection of gloves by The Outlierman, achieved using a rare combination of nappa lambskin and peccary leather, wrapping your hands with a pleasureful feeling never experienced before.

The Outlierman craftsmen are among the last in Italy possesing the knowledge to reproduce the distinctive woven structure of the Bespoke limited edition gloves: a design entirely handmade by passing thin strips of leather into small holes on the back side of the glove to create a refined lattace. It is a particularly complex technique, which requires no less than an entire day of work for a single pair of gloves.

In the entire glove-making district of Naples, among some of the world’s most famous, there are only 4 people who know how to recreate this specific weave. These are the master artisan women at The Outlierman, women that for more than 50 years have continued this nearly lost technique with pride and passion, even working with two seperate pairs of glasses to perfect every single detail on these precious items.

The peccary leather gloves are one of the most refined leather gloves you can find on the market. The rarity of these accessories is given by the combination in resistance and softness of the hide, which can be only be found in certain areas of South America and requires a surgical capability during the cutting and sewing phases, to maintain its unaltered characteristics.

The peccary leather is unmistakable due to the velvety and comfortable embrace it gives to your hand, but in order to fullly recognize it without any doubt a closer look at the grain is necessary, in fact on its surface you can find groupings of three small adjacent holes.

To aid in having such exclusive materials and manufacturing stand out, our designers chose two main features for the Bespoke gloves which include the use of lambskin and peccary features along with a combination of contrasting colors: dark red/navy blue; dark green/conker; cork/tan.

Craftsmanship and tradition, an impeccable design and only the most exquisite materials weaved together to bring you a top quality classic pair of gloves, able to enhance your driving pleasure and highlight the authenticity of your outfit by adding a precious charm.

The Bespoke Limited edition gloves are shipped upon request and delivered within 15 days along with a special handmade leather case, proven to protect your gloves appearance when you are not wearing them. An elegant gift package dedicated to the ones who are graced with the Gentleman style.

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  • Jimmy Capasso

    Unbelievable craftmanship

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