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The Outlierman now at Wolf & Badger in London

A couple of months ago I found myself wandering around the streets of London, more precisely in the exclusive Mayfair district, looking for inspiration in the streets and the countless craft shops of tailored men clothes. 

It was then that I discovered Wolf & Badger, concept store located both in Mayfair and Notting Hill, which has always promoted, supported and sold only the best independent brands around the world, as explained by the owner once inside.

The World Beater tie and suspenders that I was wearing that day were the excuse to talk about the story of The Outlierman in every detail: I told him about the birth of the idea, the research and the study behind it, my trips between Naples and Como looking for the best silk and leather craftsmen and, of course, about my passion for the driving world and for the timeless style of the gentlemen of the past.

That’s how The Outlierman ended up being selected to join Wolf & Badger’s designers shortlist in the exclusive boutique of Mayfair, as well as online. This collaboration has already started and we are already present in store, since our accessories are a perfect gift and Christmas time is getting closer.

In conclusion, here’s another piece of the story of The Outlierman. And if you happen to wander around the streets of London, do not forget that there’s a place in Mayfair where you can breathe the gentleman style.



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