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Glove box yesterday and today: the evolution of driving details

The driving world fascinates me in many ways but if there’s one thing that amazes me the most is that no matter how you consider yourself an expert in the field, you’ll always find some new undiscovered stories.

Recently I talked about the history of driving gloves and probably you already knew some of those things. Today I ask you: did you know that the box inside your car used to contain manuals and junk is nothing but a…glove box? That’s right: a compartment born to keep your driving gloves and have them close at hand.

In fact, if nowadays wearing a nice pair of driving gloves is both a matter of style and a practical need, during the early years of the car it was even more important: protecting yourself from the cold and dirt was indeed a primary need and driving gloves were an indispensable accessory to say the least.

At the beginning the glove box was exactly what its name suggests: a box to keep the driving gloves located under the seat. Over the years it then became the compartment that we know today, remaining unaltered if you don’t consider the few attempts of modifying the design: cup holders, decorative wood, locks, all features that have given way to minimalism once the car has evolved and the space available for the glove box has become less and less.

However for those who have the habit of collecting stuff in their glove box but at the same time are not willing to give up a space dedicated to their driving gloves, it’s now possible for some car models to order an additional glove box as an optional.

In conclusion, nowadays perhaps a few people are taking advantage of the glove box for its original function but gentlemen drivers like us are certainly not indifferent to tradition: and our driving gloves will have their dedicated place with their leather case to keep them.


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  • Summer

    Good to see real expertise on display. Your cotbuitrnion is most welcome.

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