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Like all The Outlierman accessories, even the driving gloves have their own story to tell, a story made of craftsmanship, quality and all those details of classic cars that inspired them. However the history of driving gloves and fingerless gloves dates back to long time before and goes along the driving world since the introduction of the first cars.

In fact, when the car made its first appearance at the end of the 19th century it didn’t have a windshield nor a heating system. Therefore the need to wear man driving gloves was born precisely to protect the driver against low temperatures – mainly in winter – and against bad weather or mud splashes that could come up at the steering wheel while on the way. However, at the beginning we were far from the fit we are used today: the used leather was thick and the coverings were heavy, reducing the mobility of the hand and the sensitivity to touch.

Fortunately it didn’t take long to realise that a good grip was essential for a safe and performing driving experience, so the production moved toward thinner gloves with non-slip surface.

With the modernisation of cars around the 70s, the introduction of the heating system and the improvement to the steering wheel surface, the need to wear driving gloves seemed to be less; Nevertheless, the continuous search for a better performance by the increasing number of car enthusiasts and the desire for a unique style have made this valuable accessory a timeless style element that still identifies gentlemen with a passion in their blood.

Today the constant search for the perfect fit has led to an optimal and unmistakable design: visible seams on the outside with no stitching on the inside for better tactility, uncovered knuckles for maximum mobility, perforated leather for breathability.

In conclusion, wearing driving gloves means wearing a piece of history and joining it with your own. That’s why they are an accessory I can’t give up on, and I bet neither can’t you.


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