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Elegant, sporty, busy 24/7? If every holiday has its spirit, every self-respecting gift should be inspired by the person who receives it. This is why, after the Gift Guide dedicated to Christmas, we asked ourselves which silk accessories and bags from The Outlierman collections could accompany, adorn and... make the many friends we have met from around the world in the last year happy.
Do you recognise any of them?

The Sportsman
Competitive, dynamic, with an innate tendency to be the first to break the tape. Sporting passion in every shade of red and a ready to go style are the distinguishing traits of men for whom it’s enough to have the right backpack or travel case to get them starting the engine, a tie, a bow tie or a silk scarf inspired by motoring icons to get that sporting adrenalin flowing even on formal occasions.

The gift for those who would go into a skid? Driving gloves in which The Heritage of the great motor races is encapsulated.

The Gentleman
Class is not water, but petrol black for modern lovers of that Gentleman Driver style. Driving gloves in leather and bow ties in the same material, gifts perfectly suited to their dress-code, which is always impeccable and rich in distinguished details. Such as the braces and The World Beater tie, inspired by the design of the Jaguar E-Type, with patterns in the metallic reflections of grey.

How to surprise them? With an ivory pocket square, the touch of light on a black outfit: the one single exception to a style that leaves no room for compromises.

The Businessman
What other choice could there be, except blue, for the champions of taste and business? The colour of the Shelby Cobra is a blend of elegance and results, ideal for those want to show their worldwide charisma also through their accessories such as ties, pocket squares, braces or with the exquisite Italian workmanship of gloves in soft deerskin in contrasting shades.

The idea for a distinguished and down-to-earth gift like them? A compactly designed duffle bag perfect for those short business trips.

So, have you recognised one of your friends (or desires)? If so, we should remind you that all of The Outlierman items can be ordered directly online and are delivered all over the world in the following times:
• Italy, generally delivered within 2 working days.
• Worldwide, generally delivered within 3-4 working days.

PS. Gift-wrapped package? Don’t worry: all The Outlierman silk accessories are beautifully presented in a packaging that expresses pure passion for cars, while the driving gloves come with an elegant hand-made leather case!


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