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The Outlierman Gift Guide: style ideas for travel buddies

At less than one month from the seasonal festivities, the race to get gifts is well under way. After the gift ideas for Gentleman, Businessman and Sporting friends today we asked ourselves what could enrich the outfit and adventures of the many globetrotters, collectible car fanatics and style explorers with whom we have shared the passenger compartment over the last year.

The Wanderluster
For some, travelling is a way of life: they are born with a cosmopolitan instinct, they grow up with all the pages of their passport covered in stamps, enriched by a heritage of stories and a network as wide as the world itself. Real travel bag connoisseurs, they love neat and handy accessories, which are capable though of characterising a look all on their own: such as The Icon ties and braces, The World Beater bow ties and pocket squares, The Heritage driving gloves or The Portrait cashmere and silk scarves, perfect for travelling all year.
A gift to make them feel at home everywhere? A leather travel case complete with garment bag, perhaps in a colour capable of intriguing them with new stories, such as British Racing Green.

The Car Collector
Authenticity and exclusivity, are the ideals which drive the many car fanatics that we met in Pebble Beach, at the Mille Miglia, in Goodwood, at the 70th birthday of Ferrari and at many other events in 2017. People with exceptional motoring culture and an insatiable curiosity to find out the history behind every design detail: if you have friends like these, you can’t go wrong with the exclusive patterns inspired by the historical icons of the collections The Posh and The Vintage Race, which also adorn the linings of the Trolley bags and Duffle Bags from The Travel Globetrotter collection.
A touch of style worthy of their collection? The foulard The Portrait, naturally portraying the classic Porsche, Jaguar, Lancia and Aston Martin like muses painted on precious canvases of silk.

The Eclectic
Has a thousand passions, a thousand style influences, that he floats between with a natural flair, alternating them or tingeing them with a personal and charismatic touch. For such a multifaceted personality, the freedom to self-define their own style is indispensible: without doubt they will love the idea of being able to personalise the colours of a pair of gloves of the Bespoke Limited Edition, which are created in unique models in the softest top quality leathers of peccary and lambskin (simply write to to discover the full range of colours available and place your order).

The Freestyler
Would you like a gift in ultimate free-style? The Outlierman Gift Card could be the perfect idea: you decide the value of the card, the person who receives it chooses and purchases the article they prefer directly online, taking their inspiration from the The Outlierman collections of driving gloves, accessories and travel sets. The Outlierman Gift Cards are practical and immediate: they arrive by email and contain all the instructions necessary to be able to use them on our e-commerce site.

N.B. All the The Outlierman items can be ordered directly online and are delivered all over the world within the following times:
Italy, generally delivered within 2 working days.
Worldwide, generally delivered within 3-4 working days.

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