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Happy Birthday Ferrari

2017 will be remembered for a long time in the world of cars for the countless events dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Ferrari brand: from Asia to America, from concours d’elegance to races, virtually every major event wanted to pay tribute to the important milestone achieved by the “Rossa” gathering iconic models, the most loyal customers and fans of the Prancing Horse.

A triumphant year that has reached its peak with the official party in Maranello. It's Saturday September 9th and thousands of cars coming from all over Europe and the world are just arriving to take part in a day to remember.

I arrive in Maranello around noon and the little village is literally invaded by enthusiasts of the brand, customers and all the guests invited to this private party which takes place inside Ferrari’s Fiorano circuit, turned into a wonderful festival setting for the occasion.

For the occasion, RM Sothebys has organized a Ferrari-only auction: the largest mono-brand car auction ever, from historic models to the latest LA Ferrari Aperta. The track has been transformed into an exceptional exhibition space hosting the cars admitted to the Ferrari Concours d’Elegance.

Every car is a masterpiece, from the 166Ms of the 50’s to the F50s, passing through 250 GTO, 250 GT Berlinetta, 250 California, 275 GTB, F40, 750 Monza, Ferrari Testarossa spider, Enzo, 288 GTO and I could go on for hours since each one of them deserves to be mentioned.

After an afternoon spent among cars, judges of the concours and sponsor stands like the Pirelli one – where we had the pleasure of discovering the PZero Color Edition tyres and what lies behind the collaboration between these two bearers of the excellence of Made in Italy – it’s time to celebrate the myth, the dream, the passion.

The climax of the Ferrari festival is the emotional journey that for ninety minutes takes us to the famous Garage where Enzo Ferrari created the legend: a show where cars are the protagonists, passing through eras and icons of this glorious history in red.

Despite the rainfall, what goes on stage is something really unique. The cars we all loved, the character of Enzo Ferrari, the Formula 1 races, the unforgettable heroes... So many stunning images of an incredible history, able to cause laughter and tears in a crowd of enthusiasts who gave emotions and memories to the Ferrari brand over the years.
A thought, inevitable, and a great encouragement went to Michael Schumacher, the all-time idol, definitely the one who received the biggest applause during the event.

The cherry on top is a surprise concert by Jamiroquai, a great artist and renowned Ferrari collector, as highlighted by the several models included in his memorable video clips. Jay Kay hosts the evening with well-known hits like Cosmic Girl, turning the event into a real birthday party: each one of us will remember the 70th anniversary of Ferrari for the rest of his life and will say, with legitimate pride, “I was there”.

Thank you Ferrari. Thank you for this evening during which you reminded me and all the guests from every corner of the world that it is not “just” about cars, power, and engines... Ferrari is the dream every child and man should have; is the courage to fully live your passions, trying to turn them into something concrete and special. Something so extraordinary to make you happy and to make other people dream as well.
A red and Italian dream, that continues to grow.

Andrea Mazzuca, Founder

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