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The Outlierman style tips for a Gentleman’s New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve: a time to say farewell to the past year and ring in the new year with good intentions, a charming smile and, of course, an impeccable style. Elegance and attention to detail are a sure way to enter 2017 in perfect Gentleman style: a green light for accessories with a distinctive pattern such as The Signature Wheel bow tie, to be worn with the matching burgundy pocket square or mismatched with The World Beater Ivory one.

A combination of the black bow tie and braces from The World Beater collection are the recommended go-to choice for those seeking a more sophisticated look this new year’s eve, pair them with The Bad One fingerless driving gloves and you will achieve the perfect amount of edginess and effortless sophisication, all wrapped up in one outfit.

If you love Italian style, your New Year’s Eve outfit should not be without a tie with a classic prestige such as The Posh in red: 100% Italian both for its refined look and the unmistakable touch of Italian craftsmanship.

Or if you prefer a total black look, even when it comes to your accessories, go for The World Beater tie and pocket square in black, with patterns inspired by the wheels and steering wheel of the legendary Jaguar E-Type that will surely enlighten your look of timeless charm.

Between friendly conversations, toasts and laughter, New Year's Eve 2016 will come and go. The following morning you, in true Gentleman style, should show up as sharp as ever, perhaps wearing a teal blue bow tie and pocket square from The World Beater collection to bring in 2017 with an exclusive style and your authentic self.

Location: courtesy of Berlucchi

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