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On the streets of excellence: our visit to Guido Berlucchi in Franciacorta

The atmosphere of the holiday season is filled with the spirit of giving to others but it is also a good time to treat yourself as well: it could be an elegant gift, an unforgettable experience or the discovery of new places and people that have created something really unique. So, a few weeks ago, we packed our bags for a weekend on the road to visit Berlucchi’s wine cellars.

Franciacorta immediately welcomed us with the bucolic scenery of endless autumn vineyards combined with the aroma of vine leaves and fertile soil. Upon arrival, a sip of DOCG bubbles provided us a taste of the tour that we would soon experience.

The visit to the Historical Berlucchi Cellar was truly an incredible experience, Your initial impression is one of entering an ancient temple dedicated to wine, dug 10 meters below ground level and built in the late seventeenth century, where the precious bottles of the Franciacorta Riserva are preserved.

Back above ground, one only needs to gaze upon the Berlucchi’s vineyards for a moment to understand the true beauty that surrounds this place and how that beauty is embodied in every single bottle of wine, just as the collections from The Outlierman embody our true passion for cars and for style.

Not surprising: watching The Outlierman grow every day prove that excellence, similar to vines, has roots firmly grounded from a background of traditions, experiences and inspirations which have come together in a project with such a unique and authentic personality.

With a few parting gifts of sparkling beverages tucked safely in the trunk of the Aston Martin and our gloves on the steering wheel, we are back on the road ready to continue our never ending search for excellence.

Location: courtesy of Berlucchi
Photo credits: Federico Bajetti for The Outlierman © 2016

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