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Driving gloves: 5 simple rules on care and preservation

Have you bought your first pair of leather driving gloves? Well, we are pleased to welcome you into a fascinating world of style and practicality, where classic and timeless elegance of Gentlemen is combined with the utility of an accessory designed to make your driving experience safer, more performing and more intoxicating.

If you've just unwrapped your first 100% Made in Italy driving gloves by The Outlierman and you are wondering how to wear them and take care of them to preserve their beauty as long as possible, here are some basic rules.

1. How to put on driving gloves.

The best gloves, especially those made by hand using high quality leather and through rare artisan manufacture such as our Bespoke, The Heritage or Gran Turismo, fit your hand as a second skin, following the natural its shape. To maintain this perfect fit over time is recommended to put on the gloves pressing the skin gently between your fingers. Instead, avoid to pull them on the cuff.

2. How to take off driving gloves.

For the same reason, the gloves should be taken off gently one finger after the other, finally pulling out the whole hand. This rule doesnt work of course for fingerless gloves, which must be necessarily taken off by pulling on the cuff.

3. How to store leather gloves.

Gloves should never be folded to avoid the formation of unaesthetic wrinkles that would compromise the beautiful grain of the leather. Rolling them up, turning them inside out or forgetting them in your pocket is forbidden. After taking them off, a true Gentleman pairs his gloves and puts them in his jacket or coat pocket, letting them slightly stick out like an elegant ornament.

4. Wet leather gloves: what to do?

Do not panic: lay down your gloves on a towel and let them air dry naturally. Never try to speed up drying by exposing them to the sun or hot air jets, or by putting them close to heat sources, because the high temperatures may stiffen the leather. Any water stains can be removed with a cloth dampened exclusively with cold water.

5. How to remove wrinkles and creases from leather.
Forgot your gloves folded in the glove box? It can happen. The best advice to remove any creases and wrinkles from the leather is to rely on a dry cleaner’s specialized in dealing with these precious accessories.

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Federico Bajetti
Sajin Park
Daniel Minárik


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