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The E-DNA: classic lines, spirit of the future

Frankfurt, September 12. The alarm clock rings and in a short time I'm already on my way to the IAA, invited as a guest for a world premiere in authentic Jaguar Style, or perhaps I should say in full Jaguar E-DNA.

While visiting the Jaguar stand you can really feel the strong racing attitude of the brand, that continues to amaze with Special Vehicles such as the Project 8, the I-Pace concept – almost ready for the launch in 2018 – and the great new entry I-Pace ETrophy, which is ready to take part in some “electrifying” competitions following what Jaguar has done with Formula E for a few years.

“E” like ETrophy, “E” like E-Pace: another new addition by the British automaker that recalls the shape, features and driving pleasure of the sporty F-Type, positioning itself among the compact SUVs.

“E” like E-Type Zero, another great new entry addressed to the classic automobile market. The car was firstly restored and then converted at the Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works in Coventry, not so far from the E-Type birthplace.

The E-type Zero combines the renowned dynamism of the E-Type with the advanced performance of electrification. This exclusive combination generates a wonderful driving experience according to Jaguar... needless to say, the desire to test it is already at its maximum!

The goal with the E-type Zero is to change the way you own a classic car in the near future. This electric version has the same look and feel of the original E-Type, with even more exciting performance: it accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.5 seconds, almost a second less than the E-Type Series 1.

SORRY TESLA but “the most beautiful (electric) car in the world” has a vintage body and a zero soul... simply E-type Zero.

Photos: The Outlierman © 2017, Jaguar-Land Rover (E-Type)

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