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Family portraits: Jaguar E-Type VS F-Type

Christmas came and went, along with the inevitable family reunions. This year, in addition, some exceptional meetings occured, such as the one between the iconic Jaguar E-Type and its worthy descendant: Jaguar F-Type.

It was a Saturday morning in December, the crisp air was framing the beautiful view of Bologna from San Michele in Bosco terrace and the famous classic ancestor was already there waiting for me: purchased in the US and restored in Italy, the E-Type greeted us in all its glory, ready to strut next to his offspring.

Photographing two gems of motoring side by side, one the evolution of the other, was really a thrilling experience for people like me who grew up on bread and driving world.

In the last half century there have been many attempts by Jaguar to achieve the same perfect mix of style and performance: XJ-S and XK were some valid tries, for sure, but it’s with the F-Type that we can say that the goal was almost reached. I believe that in its modern sportiness, in its perfect combination of design, performance and handling, the F-Type is absolutely up to the E-Type. 

I still remember the first time I saw an E-Type in person: I was a little more than a boy but I've never forgotten that icon of style, on the contrary, to me it has become a symbol of how a car should be to be so defined and get into the heart of a true gentleman driver. And if I look at it today, I realize that not only my feelings are not going down, but also the perfection of its forms, perfectly current nowadays!

Long hood, curves full of personality and an irreplicabile tail: since its first appearance in 1961 at the Geneva Motor Show, Jaguar E-Type has been noted and, above all, remembered. In the decades it has certainly changed, but its essence has remained intact; the fact that it has become a pop star like the stars that used to speed with it on the streets (even Diabolik!) speaks volumes about its iconic timelessness. 

In conclusion, E-Type is certainly a key element for the success of Jaguar brand and I admit to feel very proud not only for owning its best heir but also for having had the opportunity to shoot them together, like in a precious family portrait. Many portraits, to tell the truth. And here they are for you.


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