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One pocket square, four stylish patterns (VIDEO)

Collecting pocket squares in different patterns and colors is one of the fundamental traits of a Gentleman style enthusiast. Who would want to give up the possibility of having the perfect number of pocket squares to interpret every outfit, every moment, every event simply in the best way? That said, we cannot always have the entire contents of our silk accessories drawer to hand: and it is with these situations in mind that we have come up with the idea of our Four Quarter pocket squares, which bring together four colors and patterns in one single piece of fine craftsmanship.

If you think the idea is original, we can assure you that the quality and functionality of these pocket squares will surprise you even more. The hand-rolled borders make the finishing of this pocket square a detail for real connoisseurs, while as far as how easy they are to match is concerned... well, you can see for yourselves.

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The Four Quarter The Outlierman pocket squares multiply everything that makes our creations unique by four: our exclusive patterns inspired by mythical vintage cars, the colour palettes in perfect balance between sophistication and driving passion, the excellent quality select silks, the authentic Italian craftsmanship carried out entirely by hand by the best silk craftsmen in Como.

August is just around the corner, and many of us will be heading off on trips or on holiday. Don’t you think that a Four Quarter pocket square is that touch of smart style that should not be missing from your suitcase?

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