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Jaguar I-Pace:
the electric feeling.

Driving a 100% electric Jaguar?! We did it! We flew to Portugal for two days for the on-the road preview of what marks an evolution for this English brand. 

Electric cars will soon become the benchmark for urban mobility, but not only that. Here are five good reasons why the Jaguar I-PACE is undoubtedly an innovative choice on today’s market.

1. Thanks to its extended duration, up to 480km, the electric car goes beyond the limits of the city and allows the driver to tackle medium-length journeys too, which means that users can choose it as a real and valid “Daily driver”.

2. The design is not what you would call futuristic but it is however highly innovative, in line with the technological idea of the electric car, it has 3 digital monitors and a new all-leather steering wheel which has a very modern shape but is, at the same time, very sporty.

3. Very quiet, but with a slightly futuristic sound! Among the many configuration options, it is possible to choose the noise level of the car which allows those drivers of more dynamic spirit to hear that growl in the cockpit which creates a highly futuristic effect! It’s a million miles away from the roar of an F-type but it helps you to immerse yourself in the sporty driving experience!

4. Increased driving pleasure thanks to 400 brake horsepower and a maximum torque of 696 Nm with immediate response, qualities that only battery-powered vehicles can have.

5. Not only on the road! Our route also gave us the possibility to see the off-road capabilities of the I-PACE, and to finish off in style, seeing as Jaguar has always had a sporty soul, we also saw that on the Algarve circuit, the electric heart of this machine allows it to move fast... without too much noise!

    The truth is that everything we have told you, you have to live, so the best advice we can give is that you should definitely have that driving experience and see for yourself what it means to drive a 100% electric Jaguar!

    Andrea Mazzuca, Founder

    Photos: Jaguar Italia

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