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Living the supercar dream: exclusive weekend with
Supercar Owners Circle

How does one feel after spending 48 hours amongst some of the rarest supercars on the market? I would say, lucky. We can say that today, after the incredible experience we have had as guests and sponsors of the Italian leg of Super Car Owners Circle, which also saw the presentation of the Octo Tourbillon Sapphire SOC: a watch dedicated "to the most demanding car collectors in the world”, arising from the partnership with Bvlgari.

Well yes, on the 5th and 6th of May The Outlierman also took part in a weekend completely devoted to the exaltation of excellence, hosted by the prestigious Bvlgari Hotel di Milano and brought to life by the members of the Supercar Owners Circle (SOC), an international and super-reserved club to which the owners of some of the most exclusive dream cars in the world belong.

The philosophy of the SOC club is to offer the most exhilarating driving experience, with the epitome of corollary services. The unique Octo Tourbillon Sapphire SOC watch also comes under that heading, designed by Bvlgari exclusively for the members of the club and characterised by the highest technology and luxury: a case in sapphire crystal, with DLC-coated titanium borders, internal tourbillon to drive the movement, time indicators and lateral tubes made of 18 carat yellow gold.

A real masterpiece, decorated and made unmistakably unique by the SOC logo. The same logo that appears next to that of The Outlierman on the carrying case of the gloves created in honour of this event. The impression of the logo and initials on the carrying cases, just like the possibility of customizing the colors of the Bespoke gloves, is one of the opportunities that The Outlierman reserves for clubs and enthusiasts who want to express their connection with cars in a distinctive way.

But we are talking about supercars, right? The day after the gala dinner with the watch presentation, the racing car participants moved towards the private collection of Corrado Lopresto, one of the largest and most famous in the world. Here is a selection of the most interesting cars from this weekend:

1947 AMP Special (Prete). An exceptional car, which ran the Mille Miglia in 1949 and two Targa Florio (3^ outright in 1949).

2017 ATS GT. Only 12 of this coupé ever produced, made with chassis in carbon fibre and with a V8 bi-turbo 3,8 litre engine and 650 BHP.

2015 Zagato Mostro. Special car made “to measure”, only 5 cars ever produced. Reminiscent of the 450S Costin Zagato Coupe.

1987 Ferrari F40. Pininfarina design bodywork, it was the last turbo of the Cavallino to be born under the guidance of Enzo Ferrari.

2013 McLaren P1. Powertrain hybrid plug-in engine, 916bhp, goes from 0 to 300 in 16,5 seconds. Electronically controlled top speed of 350 Km/h.

Among the most prestigious locations in the world, cars that go beyond your imagination, a totally exclusive club of enthusiasts: can we say that we experienced a real super(car) weekend, or not?

Photo credits: Supercar Owners Circle

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