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It seems like yesterday when I started thinking about the project The Outlierman, and in fact it wasn’t long time ago. It was March 2015 and something was starting to move, my passion for the driving world wanted for a long time to take shape and so it did.


I involved my team, sharing my vision and transmitting my passion to each of them: from that moment it has been a flow of ideas, so much sweat, so much energy, because basically it is like that, when you really believe in something, stopping is impossible!

 First of all we chose the name: The Outlierman, the one that goes beyond the ordinary, who is not afraid of going against the tide, of driving in his own direction, exclusive and of excellence. Without saying, I immediately reflected myself in that description and I knew I wouldn’t have been alone.

 Then it was time to design the logo, another decisive step for the identity of the project. And the muse could only be one: Jaguar E-type, my all time passion. Its steering wheel has become the main inspiration of the brand as well as all the cars that have made history which have become the muses of every collection which, design after design, prototype after prototype, has taken shape.


Meanwhile I went in search of the best craftsmen who could have given life to The Outlierman accessories and driving gloves, therefore discovering a world of tradition and excellence entirely made in Italy. From that moment it wouldn’t have taken long before any product was made and ready to be worn by every true gentleman driver.


Only one thing was missing: a really stylish packaging that would transmit the driving inspirations at first glance and tell the story as a unique and precious book. So even the packaging was designed, planned and implemented as everything related to The Outlierman world: brochures, catalog, website and social media profiles.


And here we are. So much has been done, much remains to be done and I look forward to it: The Outlierman style will take me a long way, and I will take it.


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