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Weekender Garment Bag: functionality and
road trip vibes. (Video)

Whether it’s for work or for pleasure, there are those who simply can’t resist the call of an adventure on the road. Nor can they resist the appeal of a travel bag which expresses them best, both in terms of functionality and also charm. Like the The Outlierman Weekender Garment Bag, which combines the myth of the road trip, the iconic colours of classic motoring and a design devoted to practicality and versatility in a model of top quality leather goods.

Entirely handmade in Italy by specialist craftsmen using a selection of full-grain calfskin leather, unique and exclusive in every detail, our Weekender Garment Bag holds everything necessary to be able to stay away from home for several days: including jackets and double-breasted jackets (and not creased!).

Besides being very capacious, in fact, it was designed with a feature that makes it extra convenient and extra smart compared to its peers: an integrated garment bag. When you need to take a garment with you that you don’t want to fold, it is enough to:

  • open the bag using the long external zip and open it out completely on a flat surface;
  • pack the garment inside the internal lining which functions as a garment bag, using the two removable clothes hangers and the two elastic clips to keep it well laid out;
  • once the garment bag is closed again, the holdall can be used as usual, in other words, making the most of its space and its internal pockets.

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The soft hold of the leather, together with the rounded design of the weekender, create the ideal conditions for jackets and trousers to remain well laid out and not folded back on themselves. The functions of two bags are combined in just one, so travelling becomes much more simple, practical… and also elegant, given that it is no longer necessary to have a garment bag as a second piece of luggage.

But it doesn’t end there: here are some other features of a bag which is the perfect fusion of efficiency and the desire to head off (in the car!).

  • 100% silk internal lining with our exclusive patterns inspired by the great classic cars.
  • 6 colour combinations: red, black, yellow, blue, tan, British racing green... the colours of driving passion.
  • Handles in leather or removable adjustable shoulder strap to be able to move quickly, even out of your car.
  • Two large internal pockets for your shoes and all your accessories.

It’s surprising how many different outfit changes can be put together and well organised in one single bag!

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