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The Stylish Globetrotter: the new travel collection for Gentlemen on the go

Gentlemen Drivers’ passion for road trips and timeless style could only take us... on the road. With great excitement we announce the launch of The Stylish Globetrotter, the first collection of travel bags and accessories by The Outlierman which includes weekenders, travel trolley bags, travel cases and travel tie cases.

The Stylish Globetrotter derives from the talent of The Outlierman’s designers team, who have been working passionately to give shape to a collection of accessories and refined bags entirely designed and made in Italy, absolutely exclusive and unique in every single detail.

The sporty as well as elegant personality of The Outlierman have led each step of the creation of the collection: from the selection of the materials to the study of the models, from the research on color combinations which evoke the interiors and exteriors of sports cars to the design of inner linings.

In particular, the latter is an hallmark of the brand’s style: all bags and travel accessories in The Stylish Globetrotter collection are made using 100% Fuji silk inner linings, which are made unmistakable by the exclusive The Outlierman designs inspired by classic cars.

Not only the creativity but also the manual skill is totally Italian, which has led to the birth of these unique products. Every item in The Stylish Globetrotter collection has seen the light through the savvy and experienced hands of the most skilled Italian craftsmen and has been manufactured using only the highest quality leathers and silks made in Italy.

And that's not all. Each of the bags in The Stylish Globetrotter collection combines beauty and practicality thanks to a functional and distinctive design. The exclusive weekender, for example, hides inside a practical garment case: thanks to a zipper that runs around its entire perimeter, it can be fully opened to easily keep your clothes and accessories. Once arrived at your destination, it becomes a small travel wardrobe where to hang suits and shirts using the two detachable hangers.

Practicality and style are also the watchwords of the other elements of the set. The travel tie case easily finds space in your suitcase for keeping in style ties and small precious accessories such as cufflinks and tie clips, while the travel case - thanks to its soft volume that adapts to each bag - is an example of capacity and versatility.

The travel trolley bag is solid, handy and elegant, with large internal and external pockets and silent wheels: the ideal to follow a Gentleman in his road trips as well as on a plane as an hand luggage.

The Stylish Globetrotter derives from the perfect combination between sports passion and artisan tradition: the timeless style of motoring icons reinterpreted through a know-how that has been handed down for centuries. The result is a collection of refined Italian craftmanship products, which oozes a cosmopolitan attitude and a deeply driver DNA inspired by the great and fascinating tradition of road trips.

Bags and travel accessories that definitely stand out, designed for a man who recognizes and chooses exclusiveness as a stylistic feature of his everyday life, wherever he is: leaving for a business trip or a weekend of car races; at the gate of an international airport or on the back seat of a car heading to a prestigious Concours d'Elegance.

A man’s luggage is always a practical and stylistic choice. If you are looking for something that can keep all your clothes and accessories, something that is widely considered as appropriate and elegant and can show your passion for the driving world even when you are not driving, here’s the right line for you.
It's called The Stylish Globetrotter and it’s pure driving passion.


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