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The Outlierman Style Tips: back to work!

Autumn has arrived to wet the road in front of our four wheels, but a Gentleman’s style is something that transcends seasons. Actually, going back to work after the summer holidays is perhaps the best time of the year to have fun renewing your image in the mirror playing with accessories, colors and patterns that express a distinctive personality.
In our case, for example, we like to “dress up” our driving passion even when we are away from cars and we find ourselves in a professional environment. Do you want to know how?

An elegant and charming outfit is your first business card when introducing yourself to customers and partners. The shirt is an essential garment in a professional environment, and essential are also the rules for the most appropriate office dress code: blue and white, solid or thin-striped, are a must to be paired with classic and elegant ties such as the ones from The Icon collection, or the ones with more exuberant colors and patterns like in The Posh collection.

Remember that the Italian collar – with straight tips – is a must for formal and social occasions, while the French collar – also called Cutaway Collar or open collar – reworks in a more trendy and young way the business style giving it a chance to show off a Windsor knot, which is slightly more thick. Whatever is your choice, it takes just little effort to give a unique twist to the standard. For example, we choose ties with exclusive patterns inspired by iconic details of legendary classic cars, to push our style in the direction that we like the most: the one of Gentlemen Drivers.

Elegant jackets and slacks are essential in a business environment, either if you are wearing suit separates or a three-piece suit. For a personal look we still suggest to dare with the color of accessories, in particular with pocket squares. What colors should you choose? Well, we are in the season of falling leaves and is the nature that suggests us the right colors: shades that go from mustard yellow to orange, from burgundy to chocolate and from olive green to teal blue, especially if combined with car-inspired patterns like the one of The World Beater collection, are the perfect master key to be recognized and remembered.

And what about when you are traveling? If you are a business traveler, you’ll probably know that it is crucial to choose a bag which is a double guarantee of style: something that can pair with your outfit, highlighting it, but that is also a striking example of comfort and functionality. In our case, we choose a travel set that clearly declares our driving passion at the first look and that can also offer design solutions in order to better keep all your clothes and accessories.

Personal passions aside, if you are looking for a golden rule to guide you in the choice of the right suit, accessories and luggage for your professional appointments, remember that selected materials, handcrafted works and charismatic but refined tones will be recognized as elegant and distinctive all over the world and will always introduce you in the best possible way.

After all, as the fashion designer Tom Ford once said , "Dressing well is a form of good manners."

Photos: The Outlierman © 2016


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