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The Outlierman style tips: the essentials while travelling for business

Like any modern Gentleman knows, the effort you put into packing for a two-day business trip is not very different than the effort you put into packing for a longer leisurely trip: having different looks is a must and the accuracy of them all must remain impeccable.

We at The Outlierman are frequent business travelers, therefore we have a certain familiarity when setting up the perfect weekender bag for any occasion. Here’s some advice.

1. The ideal bag must meet two contradictory requirements: be compact in size and contain all the necessities you need to remain stylish down to the very last detail. The choice of the luggage is therefore essential: a weekender garment bag will guarantee you jackets and suits in perfect condition; a travel trolley bag is the ideal choice for those seeking the perfect combination of space and practicality.

2. When you are in front of your wardrobe, the key word you need to remember is flexibility. A two-day trip can be easily dealt with a jacket, two pairs of pants (one coordinated with the jacket, the other mismatched) and two shirts, to which you will add the necessary under garments and accessories such as braces and shoes.

3. Stylish silk details are the key that will give your look a whole new appearance, without changing any essential items. Take along a tie and pocket square for each day of travel, with colors and patterns suitable for business attire but will also show your charismatic side. If you love bow ties, save those for dinners and evening events.

4. Be sure to keep your accessories in order by using special containers: a tie case or a travel case, perhaps matching your suitcase for extra sophistication, to avoid the fabric from spoiling or creasing. These accessories can easily find space in any bag: must-haves for those who travel frequently for business.

Finally, a Gentleman’s luggage is an integral part of his style. Handcrafted items, made of leather with exquisite details and finishings, that are much appreciated all around the world. Perfectly coordinated colors and discreetly carved monograms will give your trip the touch of glass that it needs.

Photos: Federico Bajetti for The Outlierman © 2017
Location: Ultima Gstaad
Double-breasted suit:

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  • Lorenzo

    Veramente intelligente l’idea di poter aprire la borsa lateralmente per ordinare meglio i capi!
    Interessanti i suggerimenti e accattivanti le foto, ben fatto.

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