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Road to Geneva Day 1: the magic of Lucerne and Château Gütsch

If driving is a passion, road trips are definitely an essential component to fully experience the personality of the car and that intoxicating sense of freedom that only long distance drives can give you. Racking up several hundred kilometers on four wheels is an absolute pleasure, but there is something that can enhance it even more: knowing that upon arrival there will be a boutique hotel waiting for you with all the ammenaties to perfectly satisfy a “Gentleman on the road”.

Milan, March 4th. 10 AM
The departure starts off full of promise, thanks to a Mercedes C43 AMG with a Performance 4Matic AMG all-wheel drive system and a 367-hp twin-turbo V6 engine. A truly exceptional car, perfect amount of sportiness and interior comfort, for the three hours on the tarmac towards our first destination, Lucerne. Things are running smooth and fast despite the heavy rain that accompanies us for the better half of our route. But to our surprise Switzerland welcomed us with a bright blue sky. Who would have thought?

Lucerne, 1 PM
Upon our arrival in Lucerne we are welcomed by the majestic view of the Château Gütsch, one of the most well-known boutique hotels in Switzerland. The small castle built in 1888 is a gem in every sense of the word, made even more precious by the spectacular panoramic views stretching from the Old Town of Lucerne, the Vierwaldstätter lake and the Swiss mountains.

Plaster and wood sculptures, antique furniture, floors and wallpapers with designs of times past are some of the many reasons why we chose the Château Gütsch. A perfect location for showcasing our new pieces that will enrich our travel collection and be available online in a few weeks.

My room has such a tangible historical presence to it, so much that it does not even have a room number, but a name: Alexander Suite. It’s not easy finding such refined and aesthetically well-finished settings, where it’s easy to understand that everything, down to the smallest detail, was prepared to deliver comfort and an exceptional experience. The icing on the cake is the private terrace in the suite overlooking Lucerne, a medieval town with an incredible cultural vitality.

Surrounded by an impressive mountain scenery, Lucerne is the gateway to central Switzerland. Thanks to its attractions, watch shops, beautiful lakeside scenerie and the nearby mountains Rigi, Pilatus and Stanserhorn, the town is a not-to-be-missed destination for anyone passing through Switzerland.

The afternoon passes quickly with a few product shots and some relaxing moments moving between the suite and other rooms of the Chateau, before preparing ourselves for an important appointment.

After a long day of both business and pleasure, finally a little time to rest. The mind goes back to all the beautiful moments of the day as if I am replaying a movie... and tomorrow we head for Gstaad, the second destination on our trip.

To be continued...

Photos: Federico Bajetti for The Outlierman © 2017
Location: Château Gütsch

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