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Rétromobile Paris: five icons on four wheels from RM Sotheby's auction

If you want to enjoy the world's finest automobiles and fancy yourself the thrill of bidding on the next addition to your collection of precious metal, then RM Sotheby's will set you up good. To fulfill your needs for a proper Gentleman ride here are our 5 top picks from the recent Rétromobile Paris auction.

1962 Maserati 3500 GT Spider by Vignale

One of the most highly desirable Maseratis of all, the 3500 Spider by Vignale, is a work of art. It has more character than a Ferrari and it's the embodyment of the word Gran Turismo: rare, elegant and a refined mannerism. It's the perfect complement for a week end or a concur d'elegance: its twin spark 3.5 liter straight six make for the perfect companion for fast, continental style touring.

1952 Lancia Aurelia B20 GT Coupé Series II

It's one of Vittorio Jano's masterpieces and perhaps the prettiest cupè produced in Turin in the 1950s. The Aurelia B20 GT is the embodyment of the new philosophy of Lancia: the perfect blend of elegance and raw racing performance, road usability and winning formula. The race-bred 2.5 liter V6, which equips this particular car, is smooth, torquey and very refined. If you like going to the theatre one day and beating the hell out of Ferrari's the next, the B20 GT is the car for you.

1957 Lancia Appia GT by Zagato

1000 cc and 50 bhp don't seem like much today, yet if it were the 1950s and you were looking for a competitive GT for a 1000cc class win, this lightweight Appia would be the car of choice. The fragile but very aerodynamic bodywork grants a timeless elegance and surprising performance at the same time.

1973 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Spider by Scaglietti

If your main concern is getting to Monte Carlo as quickly and the most fashionably way possible, the Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona is the GT for you. Incredibly rare, only 121 made, and stunningly beautiful, the Daytona spyder was the 1970s playboy most ideal machine. A stunning car that looks modern even today.

1962 Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet Series II by Pininfarina

As Enzo once famously said, "The 250 GT is a very strong fashion statement", the lines of this Ferrari are the perfect symbiosis of elegance and sportiness. It wasn't the fastest model of its day and, with its all steel bodywork, not even the lightest. However, it was considered a favourite among movie stars, businessman and anyone with fine taste and enough funds to be travelling around in such a car.

Jacopo Villa, contributor
Photo credits: RM Sotheby's, Federico Bajetti for The Outlierman © 2017

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