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Document Case: practical and stylish, for business
and pleasure. (Video)

From work to social life, and back again. When everyday life in the city demands practicality, dynamism, versatility and a distinctive style all-day-long, the question becomes natural: how can you take all the essentials with you while maintaining an appropriate look for every business or social meeting?

From this consideration The Outlierman Document Case was born, a thin bag carriable by handthat thanks to the stylistic know-how of our designers, the skill of Italian artisans who sew it entirely by hand and the quality of full-grain leather with which it is made, is able to expand its volume without sacrificing the elegance of the lines.

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The Document Case is designed for your daily travels, from the office to a dinner, from a meeting to a museum, and is addressed to those who like to use a moderate size bag to carry anything that would otherwise clutter their hands or pockets: keys, smartphones , tablets, wallets, diaries, tickets and cards, glasses, ties, driving gloves...

In order to make it extremely functional (and beautiful), we have equipped it with:

  • double internal compartment to separate, for example, hi-tech devices from small objects that could scratch them;
  • Interior zippered pocket, to keep small treasures such as cards, cufflinks or car keys;
  • metal zip closure to allow maximum freedom of movement and protection of the content;
  • Leather back handle, for a more comfortable and secure grip;
  • 100% silk inner lining enriched by our “The Vintage Race exclusive pattern... dedicated to those like us who love timeless classic cars.

So, how many objects can you take with you while leaving your bags and briefcases at home and without sacrificing neither the essential nor the style? Well, at least those in this video...

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