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Classic Driver: Porsche 911 SC vs. Porsche 991 GT3

The Porsche 911 is like a Phoenix. According to its “father” Ferri Porsche, The “Elfer” was supposed to die a few years after its creation, since it was an old project and affected by a rather unbalanced weight distribution. The evolution of the G series, which started in 1974 almost came to an end in 1983, when the last evolution of the original design was presented: the 3.2. It was based on the design of the previous SC. It was one of the final steps of a car that, according to many, it would have been a car about to end its career, soon to be replaced by the 928.

In the end, Porsche history is like this: it's a continuous evolution, almost as if it was re-born constantly. In a way, the 911 SC is an hymn to the classic 911, while the 991 MK1 GT3 is something entirely new. Not a purist's car for many, it's a race-car-for-the-road with no manual transmission and powered by an engine which shares nothing with the original Metzger design.

Electronics almost everywhere, four-wheel steering and characterized by everyday usability, this GT3 is almost the opposite to a classic 911 and a testament to the model's evolution throughout the years. Wanting to forget for a second the 964, 993, 996 and 997 series, the 991 is the one that shook the Porsche world from the ground up, representing its modernity. The engine is still over the rear axle but located more in the middle compared to the previous models, thanks to a longer wheelbase and a larger track. Also, the driving experience is also very much less...Porsche.

If paired together, the GT3 seems like a mid-engined car: the weight between the front and the rear is better distributed and allows for a better balance, therefore reducing the need to “edge” the corners, by braking late into the apex in order to take advantage of the peculiar weight distribution.

The SC represents one of the most classic 911's of its time: it features the naturally aspirated engine, derived directly from the Typ 901/01 of the first '64-'66 model series, which, thanks to its modular construction, has been enlarged to 3 liters. Air-cooled and with more than the 60% of the weight on the rear axle, the SC needs to be driven like an old-school 911: Porsches are docile in their nature, but become twitchy when pushed to the limit.

The SC is a featherweight that has been conceived to take advantage of all of its power: born as a grand tourer, it excells on longer journeys and it is astonishing due to its ferocious acceleration. With the last evolution to 3.2 liters the classic 911 reached its final development, ending almost 30 years brilliantly.

The SC's 204 horses might be few if paired with the 475 at 9000 of the 991, but they're real, without any filters. Only raw power exists between the driver and the car and the only electronics that is on board lies in the good sense of who's behind the steering wheel.

Although 30 years divide these two 911's, they're characterized by the same philosophy: awesome cars which can be used every day despite their respective purpose, able to be honest in the emotions that they give you.

Words: Jacopo Villa, contributor
Photos: Sajin Park
Cars: courtesy of

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