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Car Tales: The war of Worlds (911 GT2 RS vs Huracán Performante)

It's a rare occasion that a Porsche 911 GT2 RS goes up against a Lamborghini Huracán Performante. Despite both being key figures in the performance car segment, they almost never go against each other in any head-to-head test. Sure, you might point out that the 911 Turbo represents the limit between a sportscar and a supercar, but always keep in mind that it has the architecture of a classic 2+2 coupé rather than that of an aggressive mid-engined 2 seater.

So, why today these two cars go up against each other? Simple enough: they're both driver's cars, cost roughly the same and are the most discussed cars of the last 2 years. They're time warpers and the object of desire for every car nut on Earth. Both caused a major sensations with their respective Nürburgring lap times: 6:52.01 for the Lambo and a eye watering 6:40.3 for the GT2 RS.

Both are the utmost and most perfect representation of what enthusiasts want from a supercar and collectors to own in their garage. They're truly day and night: a screaming aspirated V10 up against a turbocharged flat six, mid-engined vs. rear engined, 4 wheel drive and 2 wheel drive, expressions of two similar mentalities that belong to different planets...of the same universe. What many see as a civil war between two VW Group owned brands, it is in reality a confrontation of two different philosophies.

With the Performante, Lamborghini has created what many enthusiasts wanted - a lighter and more dynamic Huracan - easier to live with than the mighty Aventador and definitely more interesting for a wider audience.

On the other side, the GT2 RS is a modern day 935. With more than 700 hp step away from a racing prototype and the most monstrous of all road 911's: with a power equalling the legendary prototypes of the 1970ies, it is what track day enthusiasts want from Porsche.

Despite being machines that bring excitement to anyone who drives them, they're different in their road behaviour. The Performante is surgical, extremely fast in its direction changes and extremely capable in devouring straights. It's a dream car under all aspects: it's the one you keep in your garage just to wait for the right moment to get out and drive it. It transcends the classic idea of a Lamborghini: the Performante is made for tracks and mountain passes and not fancy boulevards. Sure enought it attracts attentions but it's the one you would love to drive for the rest of your life.

The Porsche on the other hand feels like a modern day 70ies Gr.5 racing car. Its power and two wheel drive teach you that it's better to be careful and wise. Its massive rear tires ensure grip in all conditions, but it's the brute force that shocks its driver: the GT2 RS pulls you out of the corners with such violence that it's impossible not to resist the urge to push it to the limit every time you can.

It's a modern day widowmaker, something that came out of another era to shock the world. It's remarkably a 911 and you must know how to play with its balance all the time, otherwise bad things will happen. it's not as friendly and refined as the Performante, but the amount of speed it is able to take into a corner is astounding. Perhaps if Thor wanted to drive a car, he'd choose the GT2 RS.

In the end, it's a game of contrasts, two worlds that compete one against another for the same goal: driving excitement. While collectors will surely love to have their car stored in their garage, slowly appreciating, it will be true drivers who will enjoy these two fine machines. While the debate on their Nürburgring lap times will rage on until the current record will be broken, the only fact that will stand out is this is probably one of the finest car battles of all times.

Words: Jacopo Villa, contributor
Photos: Sajin Park
private collection


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