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Capsule Collection X MINI John Cooper Works: the myth has gotten
very far

Our adventure as a style partner of MINI John Cooper Works - for which nine months ago we created a Capsule Collection of driving gloves that tells about the style heritage and the indomitable character of the MINI John Cooper Works attitude with distinctive colors and details - has come to an end.

Six hundred pairs of gloves from The Outlierman Capsule Collection X MINI John Cooper Works have traveled the globe far and wide, worn by passionate drivers who feel and interpret the indomitable spirit of this car brand every day running on roads of all kinds, from the American highways to the Amalfi Coast, in the shade of the Black Forest and on the dirt roads of the Australian desert.

MINI John Cooper Works is one of our long-time automotive myths, as well as John Cooper, the visionary driver and engineer who transformed the emblematic car of the Creative Class into a champion in the world of racing. Two symbols of courage and pioneering, whose spirit is well expressed in the wonderful The Bespoke, The Rebel and The Authentic Race gloves created in Italy by The Outlierman craftsmen.

The Outlierman Capsule Collection X MINI John Cooper Works project has ended but the myth will keep racing every time a car enthusiast will wear these gloves and drive. All over the world.


Photo & video credits: Sajin ParkSSSZ Photography & André Fister (

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  • Pier Paolo Pezzoli

    I’m an owner of a pair of “The Rebel” using them every day. I´m from Chile. It would be great to see in your map indicating where there are, to see Chile included

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