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The Gentleman Driver's Diary: Aston Martin, growing up dreaming

London, November 1999. I was 11 years old and while I was walking by chance on a street in Embankment I found it: a beautiful Aston Martin Vanquish... I’ve never been a child with the passion for photography, nor I’ve never felt the need to be captured next to cars to prove my passion. In my childhood scrapbook, in fact, this is the only photo that shows me next to a car

As already mentioned in previous posts, I grew up being fascinated by British cars; my trips to London have definitely influenced my taste and shaped a British approach which is translated into the adoration of cars with extremely elegant lines and a sport DNA at the same time.

Over the years I’ve looked at that photo many times. And every time I relived the feeling of growing up with a small British dream called Aston Martin.

Aston Martin is the ultimate symbol of elegance, the car that every gentleman should drive. It’s no coincidence if for decades we’ve seen it as the protagonist in all James Bond movies!

The David Brown era, who acquired the car manufacturer in 1947, marked the birth of all DB models that have made history: from the DBR1 that won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1959 to the DB5, iconic James Bond car in Goldfinger.

Moreover, Aston Martin has always been an elite brand in the landscape of prestigious sports cars, a car manufacurer which still carefully crafts every single specimen. That care so important to me, the one that day after day inspires the creation of The Outlierman accessories through the savvy hands of our master craftsmen.

Milan, May 3rd 2016. Upon awakening, I open my eyes on the black suit, white shirt, black braces, yellow pocket square and tie from The World Beater collection which I carefully chose last night so they could take the child and the gentleman who are inside me to pick up their first Aston Martin.

As soon as I arrive at the dealership I find it there, covered with a red cloth, waiting for me... it’s an Aston Martin Vantage N420.

It’s number 235 out of only 420 specimens, a limited edition featuring an elegant and bold carbon black color with a contrasting silver front face; a detail, the latter, inherited from the tradition of racing Aston Martins which the N420 model derives from.

Based on the 4.7-liter standard version, the powerful V8 of the N420 is capable of delivering up to 420 HP. 10-spoke alloy wheels and a plentiful use of carbon fiber also allows a weight saving of 27 kg. And that's not all. To further increase the performance of this model there’s the Sports Pack, a package that includes a more responsive steering wheel, stiffer suspension and a sport exhaust system.

Inevitable, of course, the classic Aston Martin key made of glass. An object of desire that, when inserted, enables the display on the central cockpit of the message that gives the official start to the dream: "Pure Aston Martin".

Picking up the car you've always dreamed of is one of the greatest emotions and immediately generates a feeling of escape and freedom. Therefore, after leaving the Aston Martin dealership in Milan, I treated myself with a tour on the roads of Lake Como to immediately create that bond with the car that only who lives this passion can perceive

A real escape, since I was along with my friends at Escape on Wheels, whom I thank for capturing the emotions of a memorable day on board the Vantage and Jaguar which for the occasion has starred as the support car!

An elegant escape in perfect British style and in one of the finest places in the world: I could not imagine anything more perfect or a better day! I experienced an absolute driving pleasure and outstanding grip especially with The Bad One black gloves, which I’ve been wearing throughout what has been an unforgettable promenade on the scenic roads that lead from Cernobbio to Mezzegra.

A really unique route, along which a beautiful and bright spring sky allowed me to fully appreciate the unmistakable lines of the British GT: that perfect harmony of shapes and size that I’ve always found in the design and style of this exceptional car.

Extreme and exceptional is also the attention to interiors, impeccable as the ones of a bespoke suit entirely made by hand, seam after seam... It’s the same perfection that we look for everyday in all our Gentleman Driver accessories.

Speaking of accessories, it’s no coincidence that I paired my black suit with The Authentic Race yellow driving gloves, matching them during part of the day with a yellow pocket square and tie. Who wears yellow feels good about himself because this color is associated with the sense of identity, ego, extroversion, a strong personality...

And that’s the same yellow which has taken us back to Milan at sunset, a bit tired but full of excitement and enriched by the memory of a day that I will never forget.

Andrea Mazzuca, Founder.


Photo credits: Federico Bajetti for The Outlierman.


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