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Driving is a passion

we hold in the heart like a
molecule of our Dna.

It’s the feeling of leather touched by your hands,
it’s the sound of the wind blowing through your hair.
Driving is the freedom tasted from your senses,
it’s the landscape that flows like a vintage movie scene.
Yesterday’s passion is the same as today:
Timeless elegance.

We know style is not about time, it’s not about trends:
style lives in those who never stop going outside
of the ordinary. We explored the world of find the
authenticity and we found it in the details:
it’s an attitude for excellence, it’s

The Outlierman


The Outlierman Magazine

Un racconto dei più prestigiosi eventi motori.
Un viaggio nel cuore del made in Italy.
Un quaderno di stile.
Una grande avventura.

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The passion for cars in the world and in history: the great events of today, the legends of the past, the class of Gentlemen, the latest novelties by The Outlierman.
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