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Valentine's Day is the perfect time to celebrate the love in your life: cars

We’re just a few weeks away from Valentine's Day, this romantic occasion is for many drivers a time to celebrate one of life’s great lovesyour beloved on four wheels! If you too are looking for an emblem of your driving passion, here are some gift ideas by The Outlierman to make a proper declaration of love to your car in an impeccable Gentleman style.

Love is a tie. The link between a driver and his car is a matter of affinity: the perfect combination of the personality of man and that of the machine. Why not seal this affinity with a tie, a word also used to hold something together? Perhaps The World Beater tie, which combines elegance and sport vibes, would perfectly suit the occasion.

I glove you. The Bad One gloves appeal while you are driving is unmatched. Entirely handmade using soft nappa lambskin, these gloves combine the magnetism of a total-black look with a perforated surface to ensure maximum breathability while also delivering the best comfort for gripping onto the steering wheel.

A passion without boundaries. Would you go to the ends of the world with your car? Do you see many road trips together in your future? If you answered yes to those questions then the perfect partner in your journey would be a travel bag or accessory from The Stylish Globetrotter collection, made entirely by hand in Italy in six different color combinations inspired by the iconic colors of your motoring passion.

Be my muse. Some cars are like muses: masterpieces of style and mechanics that can inspire even when you are not behind the steering wheel. If this is how you feel about driving then a pocket square or silk scarf from The Portrait collection would be the best gift for yourself this Valentines Day, all of which display the charm of Porsche, Jaguar, Lancia and Aston Martin as works of art.

Twin style. When it comes to driver and car, as in love, is usually a matter of love at first sight: it only takes just a moment to figure out you were made for each other. An inseparable pair, to be celebrated with this "double" accessory pair of excellence: refined braces as the ones from The World Beater collection, perfect halves that make a whole.

Photo credits: Federico Bajetti for The Outlierman © 2017

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