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The Rallyscope:
relive the charm of historic racing

Tick, tack, tick, tack… time passes by but doesn’t affect the unalterable myth of great car races that have made the history of rally. Mille Miglia, Monte Carlo, Paris-Dakar, Targa Florio, the 24 Hours of Le Mans: races that only by naming them they reawaken the passion for driving and memories that taste of metal, leather and petrol. Well, The Rallyscope – the scarf collection with an expressive and unique design in the world – was born from the charm of vintage rallies and historic granfondo, entirely handmade in Italy by master craftsmen heirs of a long tradition of excellence.

Inspired by world-class cars and epic challenges that made Gentlemen Drivers of the last century dream, the Outlierman designers created two cashmere and silk scarves that show the symbols and icons of that golden age: belts, radiators, speedometers, multiple spoke wheels, laurel wreaths, as well as stylized portraits of phenomenal protagonists-antagonists like the Jaguar XK120, the Ferrari 166 MM, Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR.

The intensity of the two color palettes - Black and Red - and a kaleidoscopic composition of details and figures translate on a stylistic level the essence of competitions that are always dynamic, exciting and full of plot twists. Scarves that still remain elegant and distinct, thanks to the refinement of the hatching and color touches.

But that's not all, because to celebrate the timeless myth of rally racing we wanted to create scarves suitable for every season. Cashmere and silk are joined by a soft and light weave, pleasant to look at and wear both in the cold months and in the warmer ones thanks to the peculiar properties of these yarns, both known for their delicacy, softness, breathability and extraordinary ability to adapt to body heat while maintaining an ideal and constant temperature.

In addition, the exclusive interweaving of cashmere and silk enhances the brightness of the colors and allows the unique design of these scarves to stand out the best. Two details-non-details, created to characterize an outfit that wants to be distinctive and openly and classically declare the passion for the great glories of the historic rally.

Photo credits: 
Federico Bajetti
Sajin Park
Daniel Minárik
Dominico Savio Lee
Supercar Owners Circle

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