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The party outfit combined with the color of your car

Are you looking for a party look to end the year in style too? Here’s an inspiration to reflect on: the car you drive is a pure expression of your style, just like the ties, pocket squares, bow ties, gloves, scarves and braces you wear to give a distinctive touch to your outfit. So why not show off an original outfit that combines the personality of your car with the exclusive design of silk, cashmere and leather accessories handmade in Italy, so that they enhance each other?

Yes, you probably have a good idea of what's going on in our head: accessories that match the style of your car (or the one you dream about). Here's a great idea to welcome 2019 in memorable style!

Red: an outstanding style.

Racing Red, Alfa Red, Maserati Red… Passion for cars and excellence of Made in Italy coexist in a color symbol of the automotive history and the research for extraordinary performance even regarding style. Expressive in all its shades: imagine the bright red of “The Portrait” bow tie and pocket square combined with a Jaguar E-Type or “The Signature Wheel” bow tie and pocket square matching the Cordova red of a Maserati Merak. Fantastic!

Black: magnetic and powerful.

Running toward the new year on board an Aston Martin Vantage N420 or another diva in black is not bad at all, also because we are talking about a color which is a great dress-code classic for important occasions. For a perfect match with the personality of your car, and in classic Italian style, how about a black tie + black silk twill braces from The World Beater collection?

Grey: class that goes beyond time.

Whether it's a sinuous Porsche, a Mercedes-Benz heir to the legendary Silver Arrows or any other model, here we’re talking about a color whose charm does not fear the passing of time! A perfect match is the one between the bow tie and pocket square from The Icon collection, handmade in Italy by the best Italian craftsmen.

Blue: never-ending appeal.

Does your car show off the iconic blue of the 1964 Shelby Daytona, classic Ford’s, Bugatti’s or Delahaye’s? Does it have the breathtaking appeal of a Mercedes 300 SL Roadster? Well, we’re talking about a fundamental color of the racing world and the elegance code, to which the braces from The Icon collection in blue and grey are perfectly matched.

White: flawlessly chic.

Whether it's beautiful classic cars like this Jaguar XK120 or more modern cars, white remains in the top 3 of the most beloved and widespread automotive paints of all time. Bright and positive, chic without being showy, it’s also the ideal color to enrich the outfit suitable for a refined dinner, especially if interpreted by 100% silk accessories as sought after such as “The World Beater” bow tie and “The Icon” pocket square.

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