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Road to Geneva Day 3: driving passion and style, a road trip dream

Waking up in Gstaad is delightful: I don’t think there’s a single Gentleman out there who wouldn’t appreciate choosing his outfit of the day while being influenced by an environment of refinement and landscapes such as these.

The first hours of the day are already packed with phone calls in view of our arrival to Geneva, but the many appointments do not prevent us from giving ourselves a little relaxation time in the living room of the hotel where our attention is immediately drawn to a collection of valuable books on design, fashion and cars. Among all the books, the one that most catalyzes my attention is a beautiful photo book focused on the character James Bond.

Experiences like this enrich you forever, though they may seem to run by far too quickly when you’re experiencing them. In a moments time we find ourselves ready to leave, but the Ultima Gstaad hotel has one final surprise for us: a garage full of beautiful classic cars, including the two Rolls-Royce that the hotel offers its guests that wish to explore Gstaad accompanied by a private chauffeur. An enticing temptation, to which we must not give in to: Geneva awaits us!

Gstaad, 1 PM
Back on board the Mercedes C43 AMG, we find ourselves soon immersed in a kingdom of snow and ice: it’s really impressive how this car knows how to move with class even in extreme weather conditions, combining an extraordinary interior comfort with high driving performance thanks to the 4 MATIC traction.

The 160 kilometers that separate us from our destination offer views that seem to be the work of a masterful landscaping artist. The Gruyère Pays-d’Enhaut Natural Park, the lac Léman, the Montreux and Lausanne bell towers covered in snow along with the snow-white tops of the Monts Jura in the distance are all silent travel companions but ever more significant now.

Geneva, 4 PM
Geneva welcomes us with its unique charm of a dynamic and cosmopolitan city while preserving its classical and romantic heart. Our 87th International Motor Show finally begins: wearing the silk accessories from the new Pagani Limited Edition collection by The Outlierman in the presence of the Pagani Huayra Roadster that inspired them is a unique and indescribable feeling.
Our dream road trip could not have ended better.

Photos: Federico Bajetti for The Outlierman © 2017
Location: Ultima Gstaad
Double-breasted suit:

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