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Hello June, get ready Gents!

Can you think of something more exciting than kicking the summer off being surrounded by rare classic cars, racing, sports champions and other fellow Gentlemen anticipating to share their motoring passion from all over the world? We can’t! Here's the selection of car events for June where you can find all this... and much more!

Modena Cento Ore • June 6th-11th • Modena, IT

The Modena Cento Ore is a perfect combination of spectacular cars, Gentlemen Drivers and the exquisite Italian scenery and hospitality. The 2017 edition is dedicated to the 70th Anniversary of Ferrari, with 90 cars all produced in Modena under the emblem of the Prancing Horse.

A scenic coast to coast journey from Rimini to Forte dei Marmi, ending up in Modena – which will be energized by a rich program of speed and regularity competitions. The challenge will include 3 track races in Misano, Magione, Mugello and a dozen of other special uphill trials, all on roads closed to the public.

During the last day of the race, which will end in Modena’s Piazza Grande, there will be a special celebration for the fans who have loved and followed Ferrari for 70 years.

Concours d’Elegance Suisse • June 23rd-25th • Geneva, CH

The beautiful Geneva will be the backdrop to a refined celebration of the art and history of cars. The 2nd edition Concours d'Elegance Suisse presents a selection of spectacular classic cars rarely visible to the general public, hosted at the Château de Coppet, the historic residence of Madame de Staël, from where you can enjoy a stunning panoramic view of Mont Blanc and Lake Geneva.

The 2017 program includes the introduction of Future Classics: a special class of cars built between 1970 and 1985, and not to forget the beautiful classic models from 1920 to 1985 to contend the other 18 awards of the contest.

To enrich and compliment the event they will also be celebrating and dedicating many moments to motor engineering’s excellence and precision, with an added exhibition dedicated to the meticulous and artistry of watchmaking, which is the national symbol of Switzerland.

Goodwood Festival of Speed • June 29th - July 2nd • Goodwood, UK

Among June's fan favorite events is definitely the Goodwood Festival of Speed, essentially an ode to speed in all forms. For four days the Count March, the huge historical estate surrounding the Goodwood House, will be decorated with rare and breathtaking cars as well accompanied by prestigious world-class personalities and champions such as the great “Mr. Le Mans”, Tom Kristensen who holds a record of 9 wins in the 24 Hours of Le Mans (including 6 straight).

Every year the Festival of Speed offers its audience a new inspirational theme that causes them to think about the past, present and future of the motoring world in an original and inspirational way. The theme chosen for 2017 is “Peaks of Performance - Motorsport's Game-Changers”, in other words the history of cars so fast, powerful, expensive or futuristic that they have transformed all the rules.

Photo credits: The Goodwood Estate Company, Daniel Stocker, Canossa Events

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