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Braces: style tips on how to wear them like a true Gentleman should

A few days ago we took you on a trip into the history of braces, an accessory which has accompanied Gentlemen style for nearly 300 years, combining comfort and elegance, versatility and timeless charm. From the courts of the French royals to the offices of modern businessmen, braces have always been recognized as inherently magnifing. Always encompassing the ability to catch attention and give a distinctive touch to any look.

But enough with story time, lets get to the facts. How does a modern Gentleman use braces today? Here are some simple suggestions.

Braces: do's and don'ts.


  1. Color? Why not. We are far from the days when the elegant dress code only admitted plain black or white. Nowadays, excluding formal occasions (and we are talking about tuxedos here), we are free and actually encouraged to choose colors and patterns that give a personal touch to your look. Here at The Outlierman, for example, have created exclusive patterns inspired by iconic classic cars to reincarnate the style of this accessory in a car-oriented way.
  2. Straps slipping? Choose a Y-back model and wear it bringing the rear fork as high as you can, ideally placing the Y just below your shoulder blades: the results are guaranteed.
  3. If you opt for a model with leather ears, make sure that this perfectly matches the color of your shoes.
  4. Accessories call for more accessories: braces can be worn with either a tie or a bow tie. And if the patterns are the same, the better (check out our The Icon and The World Beater collections if you need some reasurring).
  5. Quality. We may be somewhat subjective on this topic, but a handmade product always makes the difference and if we are talking about refined silk braces entirely made in Italy... well, there is really no comparison.


  1. Never wear braces together with a belt. Never!
  2. Never wear them with low-waisted pants. They were born to slim the figure, and you would get the opposite effect.
  3. Never buy a non-adjustable model. We do not come in a “one size fits all” and neither should your braces.
  4. Never use braces with pants that are too tight on the waist and skinny on the legs. They are designed to ensure the perfect fit of the fabric... but if the fabric is not free to fall it doesn’t make much for a fit.

Follow these simple rules and youll be surely on your way to wearing braces like a realy Gentleman, in the most appropriate and elegant manner, staying true to the iconic and timeless charm that has accompanied this accessory nearly three centuries.

Attach eyelets, adjust length, check straps... and you are on your way towards adding to the glorious history of braces.


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  • Frank Laurenzana

    Well done! Short, and to the point. Thank you for the information!

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