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The Gentleman Driver's Diary: the last Classic Porsche

Lately I’ve heard a lot about it. Everyone seems to be fascinated, and yet I've known it for 13 years and I’ve never noticed how perfect it was. Porsche 993: the last classic of Stuttgart.

The first time I’ve had the opportunity to drive one I was just 15. Yes it’s true, 15. I was in London in the empty parking lot of a supermarket. But this is another story, which I will talk about in the future, of how my passion for cars was born.

Ten days ago, during my latest trip to London, even though we were in the middle of winter it totally seemed to be spring, with a nice 16° temperature. Well, needless to say that if you have access to a 993 cabrio you cannot wait to lower the top and find an excuse to take it out for a ride, in typical Gentleman style. Here's a video for you to enjoy the charm of this German Youngtimer, a classic to drive everyday with leather driving gloves and the wind blowing through your hair.

In recent years the 993, with its 3.6-liter engine and a 272 horse power, has been defined by many as a model for true lovers and enthusiasts of the Porsche brand, also because of the unmistakable rasping and metallic sound of the 6-cylinder boxer engine.

After more than 20 years from its launch (back in 1993) it has become the object of desire of many enthusiasts, because buying a Porsche 993 means putting in your garage the last 911 with an air-cooled engine and, for many people, the highest expression reached by this extraordinary family of car models.

The following 996 abandoned in fact the air cooling in favor of the Boxer engine. Characterized by a significant restyling, the Porsche 993 featured new rear suspensions and a flat bottom, a solution copied from the Formula 1 and used on a production car for the first time.

In my opinion the 993 is ideal as a classic car, with a sport spirit for everyday use but also for pleasant trips. It’s not afraid to face long journeys and it proves to be perfect in every situation, whether it’s a tour of Aquitaine to discover the best wine cellars of Bordeaux, or a tour of the island of Mallorca. For every kilometer traveled together it has always been perfect!

Leather driving gloves: The Authentic Race - Black/Camel Fingerless

Nappa leather driving gloves: The Heritage - Cobalt Blue/Taupe


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